Isuzu: A Truck You Can Depend on for Your Construction Needs

Whether it is construction, renovation or light excavation, Isuzu has a variety of options to power your business. The Isuzu NPR, NRR, NQR, and FTR are an ideal choice when selecting a work truck for your construction business. Whether you are hauling construction materials or excavating a site, Isuzu has a truck that will give you the ability to streamline your operations.

Isuzu trucks are known for their versatility, meeting the needs of their owners, and having a wide range of capabilities. Those looking to upfit their Isuzu truck for their construction business can choose from a range of upfits, including a stake bed, dump body, and flatbed, all of which are popular options for construction companies.

Best in Value, Visibility and Maneuverability

Since 1986 Isuzu has been the number one best-selling low cab forward truck in American and is known for being the best in class for value, visibility and maneuverability. It has been the staple of value and reliability that has made trucks like the Isuzu N-series diesel trucks so popular.

All Isuzu trucks allow drivers to see the ground within 8 feet in front of the truck and have a power steering system that allows for superior wheel cut angles and turning ability, allowing for optimal driver control and functionality. Isuzu LCF cabs also are positioned above the engine with less forward mass, giving LCF owners more Cab-to-Axle space compared to conventional cabs with equivalent wheelbases, which allows for more versatility in body sizes and more maneuverability.

In addition to its superior visibility and maneuverability, Isuzu trucks have better fuel economy when compared to competitors, because they have the level of engineering required to increase fuel efficiency and reliability that other brands can’t offer.

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Whether you are hauling lumber or moving earth, an Isuzu truck is the right go-to for your construction company’s needs. At James Wood Isuzu Trucks, our commercial truck experts will work with you in understanding your needs and assist you in finding the right truck to meet them.

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