Why to Add an Isuzu Reefer to Your Work Truck Fleet

At James Wood Isuzu Trucks, we know finding the perfect reefer truck to add to your business is essential, and we have just the right fit with the Isuzu NPR, NQR, NRR or FTR models. Isuzu refrigerated box trucks are temperature-controlled and expertly designed to deliver perishable goods.

Isuzu refrigerated trucks are a vital link in the “cold chain,” or the transportation of temperature-sensitive products along a supply chain with thermal packing methods and logistical planning to help protect the integrity of your goods.

Whether you are transporting goods like meat, fruits and vegetables, flowers, pharmaceuticals or other perishable items, you can take comfort in knowing your truck will keep your goods fresh from the warehouse to their final destination. Isuzu reefer trucks can be customized with dual zone refrigerated options for catering services, among other upfit options.

Our commercial truck experts have the experience to help you build and get behind the wheel of the perfect, work-ready refrigerated truck.

Isuzu: The Ultimate Craft Beer Truck

Isuzu trucks have been transformed into “the ultimate craft beer trucks.” With built-in quality and safety standards, these commercial trucks have exceptional visibility, a 90-degree door-opening and a 49.5-degree wheel cut angle for navigating busy urban streets.

Isuzu Craft Beer Trucks can be further customized with options like storage boxes, a locking beverage door, tuckaway liftgate, and even a serving station and retractable awning for the perfect ambiance.

If serving the ultimate craft beer is your dream, let us help you make it a reality. Contact the experts at James Wood Isuzu Trucks to get started.

Finding the Right Fit in Denton, TX

The Isuzu NPR, NRR, NQR and FTR all have a versatile chassis to accommodate, as well as standard and crew cab, gas and diesel options. You can find the right Isuzu truck to meet all of your refrigerated box truck needs at James Wood Isuzu Trucks, where we aim to not only provide our customers with quality vehicles, but great value and service.