Isuzu Landscaping Dump Truck

In Texas, landscaping and lawncare are year-round staples. Whether you’re planting in the spring or fall, trimming trees and shrubs, aerating or fertilizing, it’s important to have a work truck to haul your crew, tools and supplies. The Isuzu landscaping dump truck is equipped to handle all your needs.

Whether you need a dump body, dovetail landscape, an easy-access flatbed, a stake-platform body with convenient tie-downs, or a fully enclosed van body to house sensitive material, or secure tools and equipment, James Wood Isuzu Trucks can help you upfit an Isuzu NPR, NQR, NRR or FTR to make your work easier and more efficient.

The Isuzu truck with a dump body offers not only a dump bed, but a variety of configurations that allow features like tool storage, liftgates, fold-down curb sides for easy access in residential areas, and internal dividers that allow you to carry different materials in the same truck. The versatility of the Isuzu dump truck also makes it ideal for construction/renovation companies and for light excavation, such as prepping a site for a foundation, or removing debris from a property. to learn more about how an Isuzu truck can benefit your landscape company.

Isuzu NPR, NQR, NRR and FTR Landscape Dump Beds

James Wood Isuzu Trucks offers Isuzu NPR, NRR, NQR and FTR work trucks with a variety of options to power your business, no matter your vocation. The range of capabilities from Class 3 through 5, coupled with the versatility of multiple wheelbase offerings, has given body companies an open canvas when designing specialized landscape dump truck bodies.

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area

Located in Denton, Texas, we serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and beyond. Let our commercial truck experts help you upfit your next work truck. We partner with body manufacturers like Knapheide, Supreme by Wabash and Morgan to meet all your needs.